Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Fate seems like such an ominous word, something miraculous or memorable; but sometimes it is just a moment in time that seems effortless.  The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are breathtakingly peaceful and calm.  The work that must go into keeping something so pristine and beautiful, yet so approachable is something to admire. 

Wearing jeans, short and flip flops, Joe and I spent an afternoon in a warm summer rain enjoying the quiet that speaks so loudly throughout the acres of nature.  The rain prevailed throughout the visit, sometimes soft and gentle, other times the sky would plop large drenching droplets, yet it never got dark.  We rarely spoke, but my mind wandered ? void of deadlines and agendas.  I cannot remember the last time we were this spontaneous and carefree.  A much needed departure from life.

Joe never misses a detail, and notices even the most subtle beauty.  He is great at bringing out the best in everything he touches.  I wish I could see the world through his eyes, but I will have to settle for the snapshots he shares with us.