My Son’s First Fishing Trip

My father was an avid fisherman and spent his early adulthood as the captain in the Italian Navy and Merchant Marines.  Being on or near water is a genetic necessity for our family, and so it is inevitable that my children would feel the same pull.  We bought my son his first rod and reel today.  The look on his face was timeless and conjured a memory of a green tackle box that still sits at the top of my brother’s closet in our childhood home.

My brother spent years hoping that one day, our father would find the time to take him away to a secluded spot and experience the rite of passage of a son fishing with his father.  In retrospect, I think my father thought he had all the time in the world for that one day to happen.  I want to think that he didn’t purposely miss out on my brother’s life.  It wasn’t just the tackle box that sat collecting dust at the top of my brother’s closet.  As an adult, my brother’s father-in-law finally showed him the “ropes” and to this day, my brother is of course, an avid fisherman.  His bond with Mr. Ross is endless and grounded in a mutual respect that my father will never know with his son.

Today, my best friend in the whole world, and potentially, your Destin photographer, made sure that my son didn’t have a dusty tackle box at the top of his closet.  Joe has been the most amazing blessing for my children.  My son adores him and the more time that they spend together, the less you can tell them apart.  After purchasing his first rod and reel, the two boys headed off to go fishing in the Beaches of South Walton, rain or shine.  They came back soaking wet, but my son had a smile that stretched from ear to ear, and quite tall tales to tell.  There was a fish that got away, and he was sure of this because he saw the whiskers, and a bit of guilt from the fish that my son was positive got its face ripped off when he pulled on the line too hard.  Regardless of coming home without dinner, my son was not empty handed.  He brought home confidence and hope, and an experience that gave him a glimpse of his manhood. 

As for Joe, I would like to think that his ability to find such beauty in every scene as a photographer is what makes him such an amazing life partner and father.  He must see something in us that is worth all of the trouble.

I know many of you have been searching the web and finding several qualified Destin photography professionals, but I assure you that you Joe’s talent lies far beyond his camera skills.  Joe sees life differently, understands the small stuff, magnifies the forgotten and truly cares about the product he delivers.