Hurricane Party & Labor Day Family Weekend

Joe & Amber at BluePoint

Joe & Amber at BluePoint

Fay, Gustav, Hanna, Ike …. tis the season for Hurricane Parties!  We rarely make it out to the local watering hole these days but a few members of the family were visiting this weekend and tensions were high in the area with all of the looming storms so we decided to head to Blue Point for a few toddies. 

Destin is famous for it’s upper class nightlife choices, but Blue Point at Destin Commons is the most convenient and comfortable spot for us – considering it’s cental location and proximity to the Mid Bay Bridge.  Joe had the camera with him of course and made sure to grab some pretty hilarious snapshots of the “eyes fully open” crowd morphing into the drunk eye incoherent laughter ensuing non-presumptuous, yet extremely judgemental group that we are….  =)

Since Michael and Adam moved to Orlando about eight months ago, we’ve had laughter withdrawl and it was such a repreive to have us all together again.  The only complaint from the evening was Adam’s incensent need to pet his new Iphone – it’s sick people, he even sleeps with it.  Mark my words, the show INTERVENTION is going to be taking submissions for IPHONEAPHOBIA.  Who really likes to be that accessible and is high speed internet really necessary in public restrooms?  Okay, so I’m done ranting for now until my addicted friends end up with thumb arthritis from texting nonsense to other Iphone users who just want to hear the bing, blip or ping or something occurring on their overpriced, handheld lifekeepers.

Ahem.  So back to the important items – family.  Our second afternoon of labor day weekend was spent enjoying the pre-storm weather at McGuires Irish Pub.  Yumm-O as Rachel Ray would say – perfect atmophere, tasty house brewed beers and not to mention some of Destin’s finest culinary treats.  Irish Boxty’s (These very tasty potato and cheese fried appetizers) are our favorite.  Order the nachos and share – it could feed a small nation of bean, meat, and spicy cheese craving carnivores.  Since we dined for lunch we didn’t treat ourselves to steak, but the prime rib is indescribable and a must-have for visitors. 

Our last evening we spent at home with everyone filling the kitchen for homemade snacks and quesadillas.  Joe usually does a ghetto version by baking them in our conventional oven on a pizza stone but we got fancy this time and borrowed Rory’s quesadilla-maker in order to expedite the process.  We managed to munch down five pounds of chicken breasts, 6 pounds of shredded cheese, 3 packages of tortillas, two jars of salsa and 4 bottles of vodka without incident.  We ended the evening with a blast from the past movie favorite of ours – Friday.  Yes people, Destin’s finest were drunk at home, stuffed full of chicken and cheese and sprawled out on the floor laughing hysterically at old school crunk comedy.  Priceless.


Please note that we would prefer not to be judged based on the frank comments and life experiences that we share on this blog.  We are actually very nice, loving individuals who somehow influence each other to act heinously when spending too much time in small spaces together.  The excessive Vodka consumption is directly linked to the martini recipe guide that we were given by an unknown (or forgotten individual).  We are simply on a mission to make every martini in the book and then write a few recipes of our own for future publication and the funding of our retirement since social security will probably become an extension of welfare by the time we qualify and only those who have never paid a dime in taxes will be subsidized in old age by the government.


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