Destin Seafood Festival 2008

We celebrated our son’s 9th birthday at the Destin Seafood Festival.   We were excited about the culinary options – self proclaimed seafood aficionados, we drifted towards the aroma of fried water creatures as soon we crossed the entry.  The vendors were familiar from festivals past, and Joe opted for calamari and fried shrimp the first night, the children both had jumbo corn dogs and I had a Turkey leg – the only low-carb, non fried option I could find!  Bushwhackers sealed the deal and we headed towards the craft side of the fair.  Let me just say, the place was packed.  Busier than any Seafood festival I have ever attended and I’m sure it is because it was finally back on the harbor where it belongs. 

The craft booths were interesting, the children conned us into some flashy toys that drove us nuts the rest of the weekend, but mostly we were just happy to be out on the weekend with the children – soaking up how lucky we are to live in a beautiful town like Destin, Florida. 

Since we were there to interact with the children, we didn’t bring in the heavy photography equipment, but only snapped a few candid pictures of little James with our point and shoot –  finishing off my dinner – and experiencing his first caveman meal.  He loved it, and for the first time – something actually satiated his appetite.  For nine years old, the boy can eat.  We are terrified of feeding him as a teenager – his college fund might end up being an appetite supplement for our checkbook in a few years.

Needless to say, the seafood festival was alive and well back on the harbor and seemed to pick up where it had left off years earlier.  Although we all strive for progress – sometimes a glimpse of our past is the best judge of just how far we’ve come.