Third Annual Vagabond Thanksgiving

Just Chillin

Just Chillin

Last weekend we postponed our Thanksgiving vacation departure for two reasons – one because we couldn’t disappoint our friends and not hold our annual Vagabond Thanksgiving and the other was the Toys for Tots Charity Ride (That gets it’s own blog!).

The Vagabond tradition started three years ago when a group of us gathered at Joe and Rory’s house in Fort Walton Beach for Thanksgiving because none of us had any family in the area.  Even today, that evening is still one of our favorite memories – absolutely one of the most hilarious, let loose evenings amongst friends.  Since then, we’ve continued to grow the gathering with new friends, recipes and games.  This year we almost skipped out since Joe does not work in retail anymore and we were actually able to head to Texas to eat some Turkey with the relatives – but when we broke the news to our friends, we reconsidered and Saturday was our third annual Vagabond Thanksgiving dinner. 

It started out with a bang – literally!  As our guests arrived, John and Kris were parking their brand new car when someone pulling out from a neighbor’s house hit their rear quarter panel and then drove off.  John was impressive – he didn’t lose his temper, he calmly waited for the Sherriff without causing any drama and when it was all handled, he came in and joined the crowd without much of a fuss.  Dinner was fabulous as usual – 17 people tore up an entire fried Turkey in record time, along with three bottles of Vodka, a handle of Rum and all the mixers. 

I’m not sure if it has just been a really rough year for everyone or if we were just all tired for some reason, but the usual antics did not ensue.  We mainly sat together, laughing, reminiscing and relaxing.  Even when we all progressed to our usual watering hole, BluePoint Fishclub Bar – we just enjoyed each other’s company.  There was no candle stick karaoke this year or inebriated catch phrase – just togetherness, and for that, we were extremely thankful.

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