Toys for Tots Charity Ride – Emerald Coast, 2008

toy's for tot's rideAs I approach my third decade of existance, Joe decided that 29 deserved a multitude of extraordinary gifts – one of which was a new Corbin seat for our Honda Rune.  Riding in style, we joined Rory on the Toys for Tots annual charity ride.  What an amazing site!  Hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts joined forces and produced hundreds of toys for area children, donated thousands of dollars and proudly road through the streets of Fort Walton and Niceville – a united front of hope, diversity and strength.

Rarely a group of people that receive the credit they deserve, motorycle fans are usually regarded as “rough”, but as the sea of horsepower rumbled through the streets – many locals were lined up along the roads to cheer us on.  What I didn’t expect to see was that most of the fans were elderly seniors or young families.  Bar far, most of our encouragement came from the 65 and up crowd.  As I snuggled up to Joe during the ride, I contemplated what would make the elderly such large fans of the ride?  It came to me.  They have been through all of this before and know that it takes a lot of courage to survive such tough times, they know by their experience – that diversity is beautiful because they fought for it, that the economy will rebound because they have made it happen before – that any group of citizens that can come together for a charitable cause is worth applauding – and hopefully, that we will learn from their example – and clap loudly for progress.

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