The Day After Christmas

Bay Town

Bay Town

Baytown at Sandestin is a great escape from the realities of every day – it’s like walking around an amusement park filled with great restaurants and unique gift shops.  Now that they have added the ice skating rink and the ropes course – it’s really got something for everyone. 

My father was in town visiting from Houston so we decided to take him around Baytown for a nice stroll and grab a bite to eat.  The place was deserted and many of our favorite restaurants were not open yet, but we found Poppy’s Bar and Grill ready to steam up some seafood as soon as we sat down.  It was foggy so it took a while for my dad to notice that we were dining on the water – yes, the fog has really been that thick.  The food was okay – considerably overpriced, I think we paid almost a hundred dollars for two hamburgers, a fish sandwhich, a salad and nachos…. in fact, with tip it was $96 and change.  Next time we’ll just walk my dad around and go eat somewhere else – the food was barely mediocre and would have been worth half of that.

Joe snapped some really cool photos though while we were sitting around listening to some tunes played by a local artist on the outdoor deck.  Dad enjoyed the walk and didn’t complain about the food – but mostly it was just nice to relax in the quiet and enjoy the family.


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