New Years in Destin 2009

Baytown Fireworks show

Baytown Fireworks show

We were so tired that we almost spent the last moment of 2008 on our couch with our eyes half open.  Neither one of us has been feeling very well the year has just been exhausting!  I managed to climb onto our kitchen counter and give Joe the “look” long enough for him to ask me what was wrong – so I told him:  I feel like we have so much to be grateful for and I don’t think we should be celebrating the New Year half asleep.  He agreed, we both took a shower to wake up and headed out to Baytown Wharf in Sandestin to meet some friends.  We had no idea what was going to be going on, in the past we have avoided the typical New Years spots and preffered a backyard bbq or something quieter with a simple escape to get home to bed soon after midnight.

As we walked towards Sandestin (we parked at Grand Boulevard) – we saw a tram coming our way in the round a bout, our driver was so nice he stopped in the middle of the road and let us onto an overcrowded bus.  My butt was against the door of the bus for the entire ride.  The driver let us know that it was absolutely okay to climb on the buss and to crawl back later when we were finished.  He was an excellent tour operator and I wish I had grabbed his name so I could steal him for our Seascape Resort tram operation in the Spring and Summer. 

We walked into Baytowne and headed for the band area – they hadn’t gotten started yet so Joe played with the boats in the lake that you can pay to play with via a remote control.

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