Dash to Disney

Disney Market Place

Disney Market Place

When I got home two weeks ago and realized that the children had a four day weekend and I hadn’t taken a breath in over a month – we started packing the bags, I put my voicemail on vacation and we dropped our dog off at our best friend’s house.  We decided to jaunt down to Orlando Florida to see the Mouse!  Joseph absolutely loves Disney World and we both miss our friends that moved there about a year ago – so it seemed like the perfect solution for a winter weekend escape.

We purchaed Florida Resident Seasonal Passes and stayed in a Fabulous Orlando Vacation Rental that was only ten minutes from the park entrances.  The house was a four bedroom, three bath private home in a gated community with a pool, spa and lanai.  My favorite part of the home to be honest – was the very large garden tub in the master bath – talk about relaxing! 

The children had never been to Disney, so it was a ton of fun to see their faces as we rode some of the classic rides and goofed off in general at the parks.  It was not that crowded the first two days except for some European tourists, so the lines were generally decent and not too long. 

I made one mistake however that I believe will haunt us for years to come.  I took Annie on Space Mountain thinking that it was not too rough of a roller coaster ride.  One minute into the ride I was pretty sure that the ride operators were going to flip on the lights and stop the entire operation on the account that my eight year old daughter was absolutely losing her mind with fear and screaming my name – and not with a hint of joy either!  She lived through the ride, but I’m sure that St. Peter will have me account for this incident when I approach the pearly white gates in years to come.

All in all, we spent a lot of money on giving the kids their first Disney experience.  We even bought the t-shirts, toys, and souveniers – ate at the really overpriced tourist traps with them and had our fair share of smoked Turkey legs.  The only creepy part of the Disney experience is that when you’re munching on your caveman size Turkey leg – all the birds in the park are now canibals and eat their own kind – so they stare at you the entire time and wait for any morsel of poultry to fall to the ground.  I’m deeply terrified of birds so I make Joseph hold the turkey leg and break off pieces for me because if one of those birds ever swooped at me trying to steal my grub I’d die right there and forever tarnish my children’s view of the most “Magical Place on Earth.”

Considering we spent a mortgage payment on Seasonal tickets – there will be more Disney tales throughout the year.  Of course, I forgot to mention that the entire time we were at all of the Disney parks – Joseph was making us walk at mach negative ten so that he could capture photography of  all the incredible details of the park.  I usually don’t mind this but it made for two very grumpy children who were impatient from the moment they woke up until the moment they passed out from exhaustion.  Even though we kept telling them that we had seasonal passes, they still hold a grudge for all the rides we weren’t able to ride in one trip.  If any of you out there have any parenting tricks on teaching young children how to be grateful – please pass on the knowledge!

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