Working Weekend Warriors

Guess Who!!!

Guess Who!!!

Destin Photographers

are often all lumped into one group of individuals who run around town with digital cameras trying to capture tourists and their families in matching outfits posing on beautiful beaches.  Joseph is different – he has a camera at all times – seriously.  I wake up – flash, I walk out of the bathroom – click, I’m cooking bacon and eggs in my pajamas – giggle, flash, click, click.  It gets annoying – especially because I have really long, curly Italian hair and it’s not tame until after my first cup of coffee and half a bottle of frizz ease.

Joseph is a prankster – I was at work the other day and I thought he was showing my employees some photos he had just taken of some of our Destin Condo Rentals.  Nope – he was showing them his gallery of “Amber’s not paying attention to the fact that I have a camera in my hand photos”.  They were laughing, I was snarling – Joe was proud.

Ironically – I really don’t enjoy getting my photo taken.  I’m not particularly photogenic, my skin is too pale, my hair has not been dyed lately – etc.  But this weekend – I had to get a headshot taken for a board of directors position I accepted on the Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association.  I had avoided sending them a photo for two weeks… they had asked several times.  I caved and let Joe pose me in front of our fireplace.  I was embarrassed in my own home.  I think the photos all look goofy…. but Joe says they look perfect.  So does that mean I’m perfectly goofy?  Ugh!



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