Project: Transition

Living room full of Stuff

Living room full of Stuff

Our house is so small that as our businesses grow, we are completely devestated by the mass disaster caused by opening one or two boxes.  Now imagine, we’re opening five or six boxes, doing laundry, rearranging furniture and have all of our tax season stuff spread out all over the kitchen table.  Yes – absolute chaos ensues.  There is no way to keep a small house clean.

This weekend we purchased a brand new HD Video camera, even though we already had one – this new one is way more complicated, more buttons, etc.  We also purchased a Canon 50D backup camera at Circuit City for a steal, a new screaming fast Desktop Computer with 20″ HD screen for Joseph to have a better setup for editing his photography and videography.  Oh yes, plus a new printer, new video download interface box, etc.  This means – boxes, packing plastic and styrofoam everywhere.  Pleasant.  Oh – and did I mention the credit card bill?

The way I see it – we are stimulating the economy one mess at a time.

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