Hope Happens

windswpet-house-35It has been an unbelievably busy month for us at the Mayer household – lots of travel for business, the kids have us running in circles and we are just so grateful.  So many of our dear friends and colleagues have recently lost their jobs.  All of them were very diligent, hard working individuals.  It was one thing to watch the area companies trim the fat, but now it seems like they are cutting down their foundations.  It is so hard to watch the struggle, to sit and wonder about the ones we care so much about – and hope that everything has happened for a reason and that they will find a better path.  Hope is not something tangible, and it cannot be taken away – there’s no foreclosures on vision, ambition or dreams.

During our search for a new home – we have walked into dozens of empty homes that are still echoing with heartbreak and defeat.  The children’s bedrooms in the vacant homes all but kill us.  The colorful walls, the faint smell of crayons – the shadows of laughter.  We wander through the homes and analyze their merit against our current set of non-negotiable features, but at the end of the tour – we always wonder if the previous family has found another place to call home, the children another yard to play in …

I truly believe that homes have personalities of their own, that the family leaves their footprint on the spirit of the house – and an adventure like purchasing a home should be so exciting and yet, it has been nothing short of depressing.  There is nothing exciting about the “bargains” that have resulted from such tremendous pain and loss. 

Being a Destin Photographer, Joseph took his camera out to our current negotiation nightmare in Windswept Estates and then used his new oober cool skills to put together a video of the home (it’s not finished) for our family and friends to look at with us.  This is kind of a dream home for us.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  One of Joe’s non-negotiables is a pool – so you’ll have to imagine that for now.  Although – considering the current state of the negotiation process on this short sale – we might be highlighting a new home each week!

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