Destin Beaches – Extraordinary Seafood

_It was too beautiful to stay in the house this weekend, so we scooped up the children and headed to the beach.  We loaded up with towels, sunscreen, water, snacks, beach toys, football and volleyball… and hoped the children would be satisfied.  Going to the beach with children can be absolutely exhausting!  Today, the sun was shining bright and the sky was beautiful but as we approached the Destin Resort that we love for our beach outings – we noticed that all of the beach warning flags were red.  

On a Red flag day our family rule is that the children can get their feet wet and that is it.  The rip tides in the Gulf can be terrifying and hard to spot, but if you see the red flag – keep your children and anyone else in your party away from the water.  Instead of catching a wave or two, we all hunkered down in the sand and got some natural vitamin D while the children built sandcastles, dug their way to china and eventually started to bury each other and get as much sand as possible in every crevice – even their ears.  Bleh!  Thank goodness the Whales Tail at Seascape Beach has an outdoor shower that we can hose them off under before we let them climb back in the car.

Although Joe is a Destin Photographer – we didn’t really pull out the camera very much.  We both just wanted to enjoy the time with the kids and forget about work for a while.  Plus – it’s hard to worry about photography when you are trying to make sure your tan *or sunburn in my case, comes out even.

After the beach, we headed to the house, washed ten pounds of sand down the bathtubs and jumped in the car for a ride out to our favorite seafood restaurant – Old Bay Steamer on Okaloosa Island.  If your idea of the perfect coastal cuisine is a heaping pile of fresh steamed shrimp, crab and other tasty sea creatures – then Old Bay is by far the best spot to quench your craving.  A little pricey but worth every dollar…. the atmosphere is coastal casual.  Shorts, flip flops and just off the beach attire is just fine.  For those in your group that think sea creatures belong in the deep blue and not on the dinner table, there is plenty of other choices on the menu including fantastic steak, bbq ribs, chicken and pasta dishes.  Every meal comes with a salad to start that is very refreshing with a light citrus vinegrette.  There is nothing lacking at Old Bay Steamer except for the view – but to be honest, they really don’t need it.  During the busy season, prepare yourself for a wait.  With two floors and ample seating – there will still be a line out the door if you go during peak dining hours.


4 thoughts on “Destin Beaches – Extraordinary Seafood

  1. Amazing beach photos! I was wondering– does anybody on this blog know of a rental agency that can help me with securing a vacation nook in the Destin area? Joe? Do you two know anything? I’m really looking for something soon.


  2. nooo!. Norway, originally. i’m looking for a nice spot to crash. Can you help me find a rental agent in the area?

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