On the Road again….

We have traveled the route to Texas a million times and yet Joe still insists on using his archaic GPS that always gives us the wrong directions. Seriously people – do you remember the first generation cell phones that were like carrying a brick? Well this GPS is it’s first cousin. I recently sucummbed to the iPhone phenomena and have been keeping myself very busy so far on the roadtrip – alas, this mid-Mississippi post. I even snapped a photo to share…. But being the quinticential Destin photographer – Joe told me I took it from the wrong angle and there wasn’t enough light. Apparently I should just stick to writing the blogs and hide the camera applet on my precious iPhone because Joe just informed me that blurry and artistic are not the same thing. Nothing like spending your life with a perfectionist!

One thought on “On the Road again….

  1. Joe and Amber, All the best wishes as you move forward starting your new family and life together. Your web site is beautiful, I can not wait to see your wedding pictures. Have a beautiful day! Deb & Mike

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