Our Blue

Blue getting after some turtles

Blue getting after some turtles

Blue is one of those dogs that you can’t help but love but if she belonged to anyone else you would be thinking the owner should call the dog whisperer.  Blue is a weimeriener and the breed is known for being high strung, but we rescued Blue from the pound and she is “special”.  

Joe will tell you that she use to listen a lot better before I came into the picture.  It’s probably true, but I think he enjoys Blue more now that she is so cuddly and allowed to be more involved in all of our activities – like snuggling on the couch in the evenings.  Dogs are not meant for kennels – they are meant for companions and I’m not keen on sitting on the floor.  =)

I’ve never seen a dog that screams like a child, but Blue can literally holler.  Not whine, not yelp – she hollers.  When we were about to leave on our Spring Break trip to Texas, Joe forgot about Blue’s anxiety and he put her in the kennel first and walked back in the house.  Thirty seconds later our neighbors were outside wondering who was killing their dog.  It was 3am – we’re definitely not going to be winning yard of the month for a while.

Texas is Blue’s favorite place on earth – she even knows when we get there before we pull in the driveway and she absolutely can’t sit still she is so excited.  This was the first trip that we realized she is almost eight years old and we are starting to pay more attention to all of our “moments” with her.  Still a puppy at heart – we took a break from our destin photography and snapped a few candid shots of Blue being intrigued with some turtles in the pond.



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