Easter Weekend 2009


Emerald Coast Coffee in Destin, Florida

Emerald Coast Coffee in Destin, Florida

Adam and Michael are extensions of the Mayer Family and we miss them the moment we know they are about to leave to go back to Orlando – so when we get a few moments together – we really cherish them.  After a tasty breakfast on the Destin Harbor we strolled down to the Emerald Grande to check out the new retail shops and restaurants (okay, and the view too!).


Even though we had just downed some eggs, bacon, grits, bisuits and a gallon or two of coffee – we were instantly intrigued by the Emerald Coast Coffee shop on the second floor of the retail center.  The decor inside is fantastic and the aroma is amazing.  Locally owned and operated the coffee selection is delightful and surprisingly Diabetic friendly (Michael and I are both sugar-free).  

Just a few doors down we found our favorite new clothing retailer – Luksus Clothing.  It had our favorite type of clothing – rebelious casual – (also known as really expensive tshirts!).  The owner of the shop was there and just delightful.  

The view from the entire area is relaxing and refreshing – a perfect view of the Harbor and Crab Island…. combine the

Destin Bridge from Emerald Grande

Destin Bridge from Emerald Grande

 view, the fantastic Java from ECC and Joe’s need to take even more Destin Photography – and we’ve finally found a spot that keeps us both occupied!


Michael and Adam will be back in a few weeks – and it will be for Joe’s 40th birthday!  The photos are sure to please…. =)


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