McGuire’s Irish Pub – A Sunday Tradition


McGuire's Irish Pub in Destin, Florida

McGuire's Irish Pub in Destin, Florida

My father (Joe’s father-in-law) is truly a pain to take out to eat.  Peter considers himself a gourmet chef and is highly critical of anyone else’s cooking.  Even in a five star restaurant Peter will say after a perfectly delicious meal – “ahh, well – it wasa alrighta”.  Yes – I just typed in English-Italian accent … justa lika my fathera speaksa.  


Low and behold we took my father to McGuire’s one evening during his annual coastal retreat to spoil the grandkids and we figured that no matter what he said or did – McGuire’s is an original and regardless of Peter’s opinion – it would always be at the top of our favorites list.  Starting out with an order of Irish Boxty’s (these delectable little balls of fried potato and cheese that you can dip into salsa, sour cream or guacamole) and the most scrumptious bread ever delivered to a table (It’s like pumpernickel only lighter and fluffier and fresh made and then drenched in a honey sauce over the top).  My dad’s smile broadened.  No sign of complaints on the horizon…. 

Salads were delivered on time with fresh fixins including our favorite dried cranberries to add just a bit of zing to the normal rabbit food mix.  Balsamic vinegrette for half the table and a gallon of ranch for the other half – no one was talking.  (At a table full of Italians – no one speaking while eating is a very good thing!)

The entrees were of course, the house special – Prime Rib.  Let me just say, McGuire’s offers one of the best cuts of meat without having to wear a tie and full length gown to get in the door.  Completely casual, McGuire’s is the “pub atmosphere” with a perfect affinity for us cow eating connesiuers.  As a side – huge potato with fixings or very yummy garlic mashed potatoes for the carb consuming crowd, while we lowly diabetics enjoy crunching on some grilled asparagus and long for the smooth taste of buttery, cheesy potatoes … mmmmmmm.


McGuire's Bar in Destin, Florida

McGuire's Bar in Destin, Florida

Then a miracle happened.  My father (Peter) clapped his hands together with big smile on his face and said “This is some of the best food I have ever eaten.”  Jackpot – OMG – I’ve never heard him say that ANYWHERE in the almost thirty years that I have been conscious upon this earth.  I was speechless and just looked at Joe – (he had a big smile on his face, like see – I know your dad, I know how to do it… )


My father making that statement is truly the biggest endorsement that McGuire’s could have ever gotten and they have no clue.  So here’s to you McGuire’s – my heartfelt thanks for providing another culinary masterpiece and the first evening out with my father where I wasn’t embarrassed when he wanted the chef to come out so he could give him a few pointers!

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