14600 Days of Life

Joe’s 14600th day of life was shared with a houseful of special people and yes – we do mean “special” in the most loving way.  =)

No one thinks Joe looks 40 – I firmly believe it’s because he’s accompanied by a 29  year old (10790 days) spunky, often mistaken for teenager – life partner.   (He’s rolling his eyes reading this I’m sure!).   I ordered BBQ from a local restaurant for the entire houseful of people and even the young kid delivering the food commented that  “he would never have thought Joe could be turning 40 when he saw him.”  I told him if he wanted a tip then he should run away quickly before I choked him.

The entire family came  out for the occasion  – mom mom from Philidelphia; Robert, Tina, Blake and Brent from Bedias (It’s famous for it’s overflowing green pastures and one very well maintained stop sign. ), Amy and Ashlynn from Panama City Beach; Heather, Tony and Barney from Baker, Florida; Christiaan and Tony from Niceville; our favorite young cousin – Michael and his hilarious friends from Atlanta, Georgia and all of our other friends.   (No offense  if you’re not  specifically mentioned but listing guests is somewhat boring for those  who don’t know the quirky personalities of each and every one of you.)

We stayed in a fabulous Seagrove Beach rental courtesy of Sandcastle Escapes/BeachSeekers.  The owners, Justin  and  Taylor are just an amazing partnership that truly create a Vacation Rental management company worthy of note.  With personal service – and a sense of humor throughout everything…. those boys are a delight to work with.

The house was called Seahorse XXI – a 5 bedroom/4 bathroom home with a private pool, sand volleyball court, fabulous Gulf Views from all three levels and plenty of parking for all the friends and family.  We hosted Joe’s entire party inside because the weather was awful all weekend but on our last day (of course)  the sun came out and the family and kids went across the street to the beach.   It was absolutely the perfect location – offset from 30A Highway enough to avoid the road noise, but convenient enough to take a very short walk across the beach to  the public beach access.

So even though Joe has crossed a milestone as far as society goes – you really can’t tell.  He’s looks great and has the demeanor of a big goof – he’s constantly playing tricks on me and the kids and has an active spirit.  When I turn 30 this year I’m hoping I do 30 as much justice as he’s done for 40.


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