Smells like Autumn

Rory's 33rd

Rory's 33rd

The air felt different today, and no it was not because Joe had one too many last night at Rory’s 33rd birthday.  The surprise party was suppose to launch at around 6:30pm, but the ever diligent worker spent the last few hours on Saturday dealing with more Cash for Clunkers customers and didn’t pull up the road until closer to 8:45pm.  We all rushed into the very humid garage and waited in less than silence because of all of “Shhhhhhhhhhing” going on and Lisa’s mom’s outburst of giggles that almost sent the entire room into a fit of laughter.  The roar of his engine in the drive way (he has the most gorgeous 1971 Chevy Camero Z28 that is red with  black stripes) – we are all sweating with anticipation and well – we’ve all been drinking since six and have a heck of a headstart on him….

He gets out of the car.  He walks up to the front door.  (We realize the windows of the garage are open and we are still shhhing).  He walks back to the car and over to the garage to punch in the code and open the door – we scream, he smiles, we all take a deep breathe of exhaust and we scatter back to our pre-surprise spots.  Joe rushes back to the kitchen because he’s almost positive he has burned the last batch of chicken wings in the fryer.  There was so much food it was unbelieveable!  And by the end of the evening – it was ALL GONE!  There were apparently dozens of hungry, thirsty friends and family at Rory’s last night to heave him a positive push into his 33rd year of existance.  Hopefully he had a great time, slept in and enjoyed the celebration.

***Note to self:  Do not let entire birthday crowd drink for three hours prior to having to SHHHHhhh long enough to surprise birthday boy, nor choose a hot, humid, garage with the windows open for the “hiding” spot.


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