In Retrospect

beach wedding photo glasses (4 of 7)Who would have thought three years ago that Joe and I would be planning our own wedding?  It seems unreal, but we will be making our union official on November 14th and now we know the emotions and stresses that so many of Joe’s photography clients have experienced! 

We announced everything  with very short notice thinking that no one would be able to make it, but either everyone has just been waiting with baited breath hoping Joe would get married some day, or our friends and family do love us as much as we hoped because everyone has been able to find a way to the beach in order to celebrate with us.  Surrounded by my father, Joe’s mother and both of our siblings and their family – with both of our best friends standing beside us (Rory for Joe and Oliver for Me) … we’ll seal our fate as husband and wife.  Although we’re going for a casual atmosphere, the wedding has taken on a life of its own with outdoor speakers, bamboo walkways and arbors and a waterfall of cala lillies (my favorite).  I originally requested a wedding with jeans and a white tshirt but Joe swore he wouldn’t kiss me unless I wore a dress – so yes, I’ve got plans to become one with the tanning bed so that the guests are not blinded by my slight affinity to Casper, the friendly ghost!  Oliver will make a fantastic Maid of Honor – or is there a term for when the Bride is supported by a male instead of a female?  I’m going to google it – hold on….. “Man of Honor”… if any of you know Oliver then you know how ironic and funny that title is!

We have the most amazing friends who have graciously offered their Destin Vacation Rental home for us so that our entire family can stay in one place for a few days and have the rare experience of being together (I’m in the business – so I could have stayed anywhere, but this home is fantastic for a large family vacation and my favorite rental in Destin so if you’re still trying to decide, check it out – and no, they didn’t pay me to say that… I really just love the house).  My father from Houston;  Joe’s mama from Philly;  Joe’s sister Tina, Robert and the boys from Bedias, Texas (yes, no blinking or you’ll miss it); my brother David, his wife Alida and their son little David from Nashville; Oliver and his beautiful fiance Angie from Houston and more friends and family from all over.  There will just be two important faces missing from the crowd and I’ve been wondering how to honor their memories.  Joseph’s father passed away about ten years ago, and my mother a little over two years ago.  I never met Joe Sr. and Joe never met my mother – but he did speak to her once on the phone, and she saw a photo of us about a year before she died on MySpace and left us a foreshadowing comment… “That guy sure is handsome beside you.”  Even then, just freshly divorced and certain that I’d maintain my single status for the rest of my life – my mother told me I’d spend my life with Joe – and she hadn’t even met him yet. 

James and Annie are estatic about their wedding roles (and of course Annie is thrilled with her new dress).  Joe is an amazing father and the children adore him.  I’m a handful on my own – ask anyone who deals with me on a regular basis!  But Joe is marrying me and the children – and only a very special man has room in his heart and energy in his soul for such a big task. 

I’m sure there will be several more updates as we experience our own wedding journey.  Thank you all for your business and support this past year and we hope to continue as your Destin Photographer for many years to come.

3 thoughts on “In Retrospect

  1. Amber and Joseph,
    I met Joe,Sr., back then we called him “Handsome Joe” some 20-25 years ago, when he started trimming my horses feet. He often brought Joe with him to the job, you could tell how much Joseph loved that, not. Any way Joe, Mary Ellen, Tina, and Joseph became my Horse friends, even though I had ‘those crazy Arabians ” and they were well known in the Quarter Horse community. I have a story I would like to share with you about Joseph’s Dad if you don’t mind. He had many many friends and helped us all out many times.
    The story involves a horse I had named Rocky, and yes, he was a crazy arabian. I have three sons and my husband was in the National
    Guard and was called up for service overseas in 1991, the boys were in 9th grade, 7th grade, and 3rd. I also taught school and had 4 or 5 horses then . Mary Ellen and Joe graciously took Rocky to Laurel Hill and kept him in training for me for about 6 months, giving me pointers and helping me become a ‘Hand’ as they put it. Time came for Rocky to be shod for the first time and since I had raised him, he was my baby and I just knew he would give Joe a hard time and Joe hated for a horse to give him a hard time. I drove up to the barn worried to death that it had all gone wrong, no one was around, I went into Rocky’s stall and there he stood, an ace bandage around his neck, red stuff dripping off him and more BandAids than I had ever seen in my life….I cracked up and started hollering for Joe, who by the way was peeking through the boards from outside the stall to see my reaction. He was laughing as hard as I was. He was a best friend to many and one to me.

  2. My Son, Brian and his wife honored those who were not in attendance at their wedding by having a beautifully written list of names of those not in attendance framed at the entrance to the ceremony with a vase of flowers near by. Just an idea.. Best wishes to you both. Love, Sheryl

    • Thank you so much for the memories – I wish I had met Joe Sr. … I have a hunch though that I know someone with a very similar personality… Joe (Jr.) is a prankster!

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