The Not so Friendly Skies

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Museum of Natral History Washington DC

We just returned from a very long weekend in Washington, DC for the Vacation Rental Manager’s Association National Convention.  Amber had never been to DC and was looking forward to the monuments, sights and sounds – but of course she worked instead and never saw much more than a few restaurants, the inside of the hotel, and the airports.  We flew US Airways and had an extremely pleasant experience with great service, a clean airplane and a smooth ride most of the way there.  The only discomfort was Amber’s nails digging into my leg every time we hit an airpocket or encountered even the slightest turbulance.  (I love her anyway).  Coach is never comfortable for a man over six feet tall, but I can handle less than two hours at a time.   I had a feeling before we ever got on the plane that we were going to get sick on this trip.  Maybe it was due to the fact that we were somewhat exhausted from all of the changes recently – the wedding plans, still trying unsuccessfuly to purchase  a larger home, the kids have been sick constantly, Amber selling her company to Instant Software, etc.

All in all – I spent most of my time up in the room waiting for Amber to finish her networking and classes each day and I slept a lot.  We had purchased a new matress a few months ago and spent a fortune, but neither of us have been sleeping very well.  I now know that it must be a mattress issue because the Omni mattress had us both sleeping like babies in the entire length of our trip.  Poor Amber was exhausted every single night by the time she got done, so I had no idea that her need for shut eye had anything to do with some invisible germs that must have paid us a visit during our trip.

By the last evening, Amber could barely walk up the hall to our hotel room.  I initially blamed it on the high heels she wore the entire trip – a big departure from jeans, a tshirt and flip flops (welcome to corporate America).  At four in the morning though – she could barely put on her shoes she was so weak and I never thought we’d make it to the airport.  On the first leg of our flight we encountered the rudest, most obnoxious stewardess I have ever seen in my entire life.  US Airways, I hope you read this blog!  The woman looked like a stick version of Barbie, but with a scowl on her face.  Apparently, she is not a morning person and had probably been out drinking all night long because she kept her hand on her forehead and drank from a gallon size bottle of juice in the back of the plane.  As people were putting their luggage in the overhead bins, if they made too much noise or took a little too long – she would say, “Enough already, sit down!”.  An older gentleman inadvertently took too long sitting down at his seat in the rear of the plane and Bitter Barbie barked at him that she was going to move him somewhere else on the plane since he was sitting so close to the restroom.  He said he was fine with his current seat, but Thank You.  She gave him the dirtiest look and said, “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you that I’m moving you.”  The man must have been in his late fifties or early sixties and looked at all us in the surrounding seats, like – “what did I do?”.  He continued sitting bewildered in his seat as Bitter Barbie struggled to remove his bag from the overhead bin – literally ripping it out because it was too heavy for her.  She stomped up the aisle and tossed in another bin, put her hands on her hips and said, “You really are moving right now.”  The older fellow said nothing, got up and moved towards the middle of the plane.  Bitter Barbie then walked to the front of the plane, flirted with the pilots for a few minutes, threw her bottle blonde hair back and laughed before returning to the back of the plane, sitting in the gentleman’s previous seat and guzzling her gallon of juice. 

So here’s the rotten part….. we had commented all throughout our trip that we had a great experience with US Airways and were surprised at the comparison to other airlines we had used over the years.  However, due to Bitter Barbie – we are wondering who will get our next airline purchase when we fly to Wilmington in December for another meeting.  Suddenly, life has gotten too short to just buy the cheapest ticket, hotel room or anything else – we will spend our money and search for the best experience from now on!  SHAME ON YOU BARBIE – if that were my father that you treated that way – I’d have knocked your head off! 

So not only did we have a horrible flight home – but we both walked in the door with horrible fevers and the flu!  So much for the friendly skies!


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