There’s No Place Like Home

Blue enjoying our new furniture

It’s not every day or ever that we get a chance to turn our work life as a Destin Photographer or computer connoisseur off and just relax but this past weekend that’s just what we did.  Amber and I hopped on a plane and went to Vegas for a long weekend to hang out with some old friends. The babies stayed at home with Rory and Lisa for a couple days then Dad picked them up until  they returned home Sunday.  Amber contemplated not taking her lap top which was a first by the way and I knew when she asked me if she should leave it what the answer should be.  Even though we wanted to turn off work altogether I knew if she were to leave it at home she would have felt naked without it and not been happy so I told her she needed to just bring it.  I was pleasantly surprised that she turned it on very little while we were away and most of the time it was for something that we needed not what someone else wanted or needed, it was nice.  Vegas is really neat but not for the reason you may think.  I am not a gambler and don’t care for Vegas that way it’s about the other stuff for me.  I was so excited about seeing Phantom of the Opera and the Cirque show Mystere.  We bought tickets to Blue Man which I have seen several times but Amber had never seen.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to Blue Man but saw the Titanic Exhibition and the Exhibition of Bodies kind of creepy but interesting at the same time.  We stayed at the Bellagio, I love the fountain there.   Amber is a fan of room service, I can take it or leave it…well I can leave it when breakfast is a hundred bucks!  But what the hell it was kind of cool I guess.  The drinks were all great I had a pumpkin pie martini which was fabulous, it even made it to facebook it’s the only sideways pic on my page.  Everybody knows I am a car freak so when we passed the advertisement for the car collection at the Imperial Palace I knew I was going to check it out.  I had never seen a concentration of so many Rolls Royces in one spot.  I really liked the Grand Nationals they had three and some old Jags as well.  Anyhow, the long weekend was exhausting as well as exciting.  I love traveling but at the same time there is no place like home.  I mean come on the emerald water and beaches of Destin are gorgeous and especially during the holidays I like to be in my living room watching the tree spin in a circle and watch the fire cracking.  Our home is small but extremely homey.   On the evening before we were to come home I knew I was ready to go and when I got on that plane in Vegas I was so looking forward to the nap I would taking in a few short hours.  Our weekend was fantastic and as we were waking from our nap, in walks our babies and we got to hear about the great time they had with uncle Rory and aunt Lisa.  Then it was solidified – there’s no place like home.


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