Let it Go

I was walking around the local Winn-Dixie grocery store here in Bluewater Bay this afternoon and was pleasantly greeted at the front door by the oasis of jackhammering, construction workers and frantic store employees restocking shelves.  For a moment, it seemed like the scene right after a hurricane – but really, Winn Dixie is just undergoing a facelift and sprucing the place up a bit.  I had an hour before I had to pick up the kids from Ninja practice, Joe had fallen asleep on the couch late in the afternoon and it is so rare that he grabs a cat nap, that I decided to grab the grocery list and get some of the household chores squared away. 

Obviously, with all the construction and store in a total disarray, I quickly scanned the grocery list and cut it in half to ensure I’d be able to pick up the children on time.  Nothing was in the place that it was the last time that I was in the store – not one item.  Where the baskets were – there were now halmark cards, where the sausage and bacon use to live – there was beer and wine.  I started to laugh, then cut the list down to the bare minimums – milk and eggs.  As I was cutting back through produce trying to find milk – a very aggravated middle aged female was huffing and puffing and using a louder than normal voice saying “I just want a bag of onions.  Surely, there is a bag of onions in this place!  I mean – does Winn Dixie have nothing better to do than to move everything around so that you can’t find anything!?”.  Clearly beyond her point of no return, I pointed to the bag of onions on the other side of the aisle, smiled and watched her storm through the rest of the hazard zone.

In reality – my guess is that Winn-Dixie is giving the store a facelift truly and simply because … it was time.  I am sure that someone very experienced in the Grocery Store Satisfaction Index Association of Grocery People consulted with Winn Dixie and convinced them that putting the Ziplock bags next to the pickles would increase the likelihood of a shopper purchasing both the vinegar saturated cucumbers and the handy dandy plastic baggies.  Whatever – at the end of the day, there were a lot of people working, getting paid, making a living, and the store will look great when it is finished.  I am not sure what was going on in the frusted customer’s life, but I hope that she has a really good friend that she can vent to that will wait until she is finished complaining about the onions being moved and then calmly look at her and say, “Honey, it’s just onions”.

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