Recycled Dreams

Our new Home

I finally bought my first home.  After almost two years of torture – Joe and I have closed on a new home in the Bluewater Bay area.  Due to all of the previous last minute disappointments, I never really wrote a blog or posted anything about the house until we had the key in hand.  To be precise, we have the key in hand and we have painted 5 of the rooms so far.  Wow – the work ahead of us to finish this home and get it ready to move in is a little overwhelming!

Oh, did I forget to mention that we bought a foreclosure?  In the past, every time a house deal fell through for no apparent reason – Joe and I always reassured each other that there was a “reason” it didn’t work out and there was something else waiting for us out there.  Our new home was once the dream of a growing family that spent their sweat, tears and hard earned money to completely renovate a 1979 build and more than double the square feet with an addition.  80 percent of the way through – on the homestretch, they ran out of money and lost their home.  It really does make it difficult to celebrate our “windfall”. 

In the master bathroom, there is a door that has height markings for each of their children over the years.  We haven’t painted over it yet.  I’m not sure I want to.  It’s a great reminder that in the midst of our blessing there is a broken hearted family out there trying to rebuild their life, find a new home and work on a new dream.

The kids are on spring break so I took three days off this week.  Its not easy stepping away from the phone and the computer – I had no idea what a workaholic I’ve turned into!  I helped paint a little bit and then spent the majority of the afternoon filling in nail holes along all of the baseboard in the living room and dining room.  My goodness the contractor who put up the floorboard must have been taking out his/her aggression with the nail gun – that floorboard is never coming off!  I cleaned the window sills and all of the windows on the inside (poor Joe is going to need a ton of help keeping this house clean!).  It was quite cathartic to be able to do manual labor for the day, sweat a little – my mind wandered away from work long enough to notice that my daughter makes all of my same facial expressions when she is annoyed with someone (which is often), that my son is getting taller and has all of Joe’s mannerisms and copies everything he does (just ask Tina about the limp!). 

We will post photos as the house progresses.  Our goal is to be moved in within 45 days … (keep your fingers crossed!).


One thought on “Recycled Dreams

  1. Greetings, I wish I could have spent some time helping you all transition into the new home. I’m sure your projects won’t end anytime soon, so you better believe I will over there there lending a hand. The fam and I head to Sarasota tomorrow, we hope to see you at dinner this evening.

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