State of Grace


Joe and I both believe that things happen for a reason.  Last week one of our dear friends lost his beloved wife.  Talk about putting tragedy in perspective.  Our friend’s wife, Misty was truly a testiment to being an “inspiration”.  Throughout her battle with colon cancer at the young age of 32, she was upbeat, postive and always such a warm and charitable soul.  In her last days, she was still inspiring all of us to make sure that we focus on what is most important and get past the “little things” that are not.  Obviously, none of us will ever understand why such a bright and glorious soul was taken from her family and friends at such a young age, but according to Misty – God had a plan and she wasn’t going to question it.  We’ve decided that we wont either.

Regardless of what is in front of us, Joe and I know that the most important thing is to get through it together.  That can be tough sometimes when life is so busy that you’re running in a million directions!  No one ever warns you how much work kids can be when they reach the “social years”.  I was always reassured that things got easier when they grew up – but whatever!  Now they have social engagements, birthday parties, tea parties, just because parties, karate every single day of the week, music lessons, recitals, concerts, plays – they grow out of shoes every other week and their pants are above their ankles within a month of purchase.  Easier?  Puhlease and I’ll gladly trade a bag of diapers a week for their “activity and social needs costs!”.  Not to mention feeding them – our son eats more than a pack of wolves!

Yet, what would life be like without our mini-me’s!  Joe is not the biological father of James (our son) but most people can’t even tell.  They have the same mannerisms, wear similar clothes, walk the same way, talk the same way and whistle just alike.  It is uncanny how similar they are – unfortunately, they even have the same taste in expensive cars.

I know it’s taking me a while to get there, but the point of this post is to reiterate that life is really all about family and friends.  It is so easy to forget about what really matters when life throws its punches, but I guarantee there is no bank account balance, no bill, no diploma or job that can replace a simple dinner with friends, family and laughter – and the satisfaction that ensues. 

No wonder so many people that flock to our gorgeous beaches contact us for Destin Beach Portraits – what’s better than capturing a moment in time where everyone is so happy and in such a beautiful place.  Joe is lucky to be a Destin Photographer, and I am so lucky that he is my wonderful husband and such an outstanding father.

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