Dinner at the Mayer’s House

We finally moved into our dream home!  It’s big, it’s beautiful and wow – did it come with a lot of surprises!  Did you know that if your house has a fireplace that you shouldn’t assume there is a chimney?  =)

The house is almost three times the square footage of our other home (our last house was really small so don’t think this new one is a mansion or anything!).  And guess what??  It has a huge kitchen for Joe to enjoy when he gets to cook our friends and family dinner! 

I could sit and tell you all the details of the new house – but really, our favorite part is just knowing that there is enough room for us to let the kids have friends over and play, and for friends and family that like to visit the beaches each year. 

Something else weird is that we can’t figure out how we had all of our current stuff in the old house – you would think that moving from a 1200 square foot house to over 3000 square feet would make you feel like you need to go shopping – but as we put items away we just keep thinking – how in the world did all of this fit in the old house?  Where did we put it all??  (especially all of Joe’s knick knacks – I mean, my goodness!)

Blue is also enjoying the big back yard and we have plenty of squirrels and stray cats to keep her driving us insane with the barking.  There are many small items we have to finish later – one thing at a time – to say we underestimated the cost of refurbishing a home is putting it lightly.  =)  So we still need to paint the columns, add bead board to the roof of the porch (it’s over 800 square feet!), and hopefully within the next year or two – add a pool.  The backyard will probably end up being our favorite place to exist!

Did I mention that aside from the Kitchen – that Joe inherited three garage bays with the new house?  Yes, you men out there are drooling!  AND an office for his Destin Photography business.  He has tons of “man space” now…. and a home for the Porsche.  Yes, Rosa finally made it back home… (I’ll leave that for another blog…. a year and a half in the shop and this is the most expensive go-kart I have ever seen in my life!)

I’m slightly OCD – so we are holding off on having a big “Meet the new Mayer House” family/friend dinner until we atleast get the columns outside painted and the bead board up… I just feel like the house is naked without!  But when we do – we promise to break it in right – with candlestick karaoke, good food, too much booze and great stories.  For our friends that we haven’t been able to hang out with much over the last few months because we were so busy:  We miss you.

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