Taking the High Road

Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to know whether or not someone is really a good friend or if they are just using you?  I have found that often the most righteous people, the ones who self profess their greatness and wonder – are often the biggest jerks in our life.  Maybe this is just my experience, but it seems that being a total ass is contagious and the most common symptom is pure selfishness.

Sorry.  I’m ranting. 

Anyway, I just wonder what the motivation is that can turn an otherwise healthy relationship into one person using the other, taking from the other at such great lengths – that almost a decade of dreams and hard work can be thrown down the sink.

None of us are so amazing that we cannot be replaced.  Pure arrogance is a disgusting trait – regardless of your abilities and contributions – nothing is ever worth stepping on a friend or a coworker.  If you need to get farther in life – work more and work harder than your counterparts.

The American Dream is still alive – but the late 90s, early millenium attitude that made twenty somethings think they should make six figures and travel the globe because they are talented is finally extinct.  I’m glad.  It was really annoying to watch. 

The American Dream was never to be so far in debt that you can only make minimum payments on everything you “own”. 

The American Dream means that we are born with the ability to work as hard as we like, on whatever we like and be the creators of our own destiny… and sometimes that means that we have great financial gain from it.  But you can’t skip past the extremely hard work and move straight on into financial gain – it doesn’t work that way!


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