First Flight

In my previous blog, I failed to recall one of the best parts of our trip.  Even though my children flew several times as babies, the trip to Philadelphia was a “first” for them since they cannot recall their infant experiences.  It was absolutely fascinating to watch their faces and answer their questions during the entire journey.  Children are in awe of so many things that become mundane for us in our adulthood.  From buying tickets online, to printing boarding passes…. I let the children participate in the entire experience as much as possible.  We let them bring their own carry on bag with their choice of electronics.  My son chose his Kindle and his Nintendo DS XL; while my daughter chose her Nintendo DS XL and borrowed her stepfather’s (Joe) old ipod and headphones.  Both choices are such deep reflections of who they are, my son the incesent scholar to be and my daughter, the eclectic, artsy adventurer.

I thought I would share some of the most endearing questions spoken truly from their childhood innocence…

Annie, “Mom, why do we have to take our shoes off to go through security?”

My answer, “Because they want to make sure you are not trying to bring any weapons or smuggle anything through security in your shoes.”

Annie, “Mom, that would be disgusting and nothing fits in my shoes other than my feet.”

James, “Mom, since we will be so high above the clouds, can I see the stars while we are up there?”

My answer, “I am not sure, but I think you should look for them and let me know.”



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