Destin Good Eats

Ok, it’s been awhile since our last entry so we need to get back to work.  The end of last year was a hard one for our entire family here and in Palermo.  Peter will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Everyone is ok here, Annie and James are fine.  Amber continues to work hard as ever and is in a plane way too often, but that’s life for now.

Being a Destin Photographer gives me the ability to shoot photography I wouldn’t normally get to shoot if I didn’t live on or near the water.  I love the sunsets, the brown pelicans, all the different kinds of boats and I just love Destin Harbor.  Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Now, as a Destin Photographer I am always talking with my clients about where they’re staying, how long they are going to be in the area, have they been here before, what kind of food do they prefer, etc…I always like to let people know where the good spots are in my opinion.  I am typically not a franchise kind of guy and I have actually blogged about this spot before, but it’s been awhile and it’s totally worth bringing up again, so drum roll please…  McGuire’s Irish Pub makes Capture Destin for the second time.  I’ll tell you why shortly.   McGuire’s has some amazing burgers and a great appetizer called “boxties.” They are mashed potatoes with bits of cheese in them rolled in panko bread crumbs in small balls and then deep fried.  They are typically served with three dipping sauces salsa, guacamole, and horseradish.  It’s yummy!!  They also have an amazingly good hickory smoked prime rib that’s out of this world.  Want more?  They have a house drink called an Irish Wake, must have Irish Wake, also yummy!  Don’t drink and drive you might hit a bump and spill your drink.  No, seriously it’s strong and you need to make sure you’re the passenger if you partake.  Oh, I almost forgot one more of the great things about McGuire’s.  They have an upstairs seating area that is perfect for sunset and great views of the east pass and Crab Island.  Now for the why I am writing about McGuire’s again.  They have added a pizza place outside with the same bar drinks and great microbrewery beers as the main restaurant.  I have actually not tried it yet, but everyone that I have talked to about it has nothing but great things to say.  How bad could a pizza be with prime rib on it, right?

So, there you have it.  When you plan your trip, don’t forget to book your photography with or call me at 850-499-2213 to book your session.

One thought on “Destin Good Eats

  1. I can confirm the prime rib on the pizza, AMAZING! Also, the pizza menu is just like a card you get when ordering sushi, you just select the sauce, cheese, toppings, etc., and they take your card to the kitchen. Pretty good idea as the list of toppings seems endless….. Let’s go soon!

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