For the Love of Coffee

For the Love of CoffeeIf any of you have school age children – particularly middle school age children, you will understand our dilemma completely.  Our son’s science fair project is due in about 10 days and although he was given the assignment over two months ago…. well, you get the point.  😉

James is doing the project on his current infatuation – coffee.  So if you have a few short minutes to help out one of your favorite Destin Photographers – we’d appreciate it greatly!

9 thoughts on “For the Love of Coffee

      • I just looked for their website, but it seems to be down :/ But the name for the company is Sunrise Bagel & Espresso 🙂 They have a facebook and you can google the name to find a little more info! I’m not the owner, just one of the many baristas who work there 🙂

  1. Done! 🙂 I put other for coffee brand. I’ll buy anything as long as it’s whole bean and sometimes it’s hard to find here in good ol’ West Virginia.

  2. Joe did our family pics last May when we were visiting Destin. They were great considering we had 2 year old cranky twins and a three year old! Glad I could help with your son ‘s project!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the photography. Hopefully the next time you are down the kids will be older and maybe it will be a little easier. We really appreciate the help and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    • My son will be thrilled then because he was allowed to start drinking coffee at 12 but only on Sundays. Each birthday I give him another day so he can have it all weekend now. When he saw the preliminary results he was shocked that there weren’t more kids drinking coffee. Thanks so much!

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