April Showers bring….

Rainy Day Beach Portraits (Holderer and Falleti Family)

Rainy Day Beach Portraits (Holderer and Falleti Family)

It’s been a little rainy here on the Emerald Coast.   Spring can be hit or miss for drenching in the endless Florida sunshine so if you find yourself vacationing in one of our epic Spring storms – don’t fret, there is still a lot of fun to be had!

First of all, some of the most beautiful sunsets occur right after a storm, so if you’ve scheduled a Destin photography session or are waiting for your 30a photography – just have a little patience because you really can find a break in the storm and still capture your memories.   Keep in touch with your photographer, they are very aware of our weather patterns and can help you decide if it’s worth rescheduling.

Paint some pottery with the family!   Our family loves going to Fired Up in Seaside, Florida on a rainy day. We’ve been going since the kids were little but they still enjoy it even as teenagers.   The best part is that we still have all the pieces we’ve ever made and use them often!   From coffee cups to serving bowls to anything else you can think of – spending a few hours doing a craft with the family can seem odd at first if you’ve never done it, but you’d be surprised how much your kids will talk and laugh at each others creations.

Shopping.  Now this isn’t the least expensive thing you can do on a rainy day, but the area has incredible shopping opportunities.  From exploring the plethora of boutique shops and art galleries on 30a to ransacking the Silver Sands Prime Outlet Mall in Miramar Beach, there are some incredible finds and deals to be had!   Some of our favorite shops are Modus Gallery in Grayton Beach, the 30A Store in Blue Mountain Beach, the Hidden Lantern Book Store in Rosemary Beach and Banana Republic at Silver Sands.

The Movies!   Depending where you are staying there are now options galore!  In Destin you have the AMC at Destin Commons, Grand Boulevard has Carmike Cinemas and Pier Park in Panama City Beach has the Grand 16.

Arcades and more!  Of course, our favorite (even with a long drive) is Dave & Busters at Pier Park in Panama City Beach.   We play more games than the kids do it seems.   In Destin there’s Fudpuckers where you can grab a great pizza pie while the kids are playing.

Eat.   There are so many restaurants and eateries to explore in the area that are world class in their own right that there is no way to try them all – even if you’re staying for a week!   Doesn’t the rain make you hungrier anyway?   In the mood for Pizza?   Order a couple pies at Pizza by the Sea in WaterColor.  The crust is incredible!   You came to the beach for seafood right?   Try Fish Out of Water, the food is award winning, but you can show up in your khaki shorts and flip flops and fit right in.  Looking for lighter fare?   Try Wild Olives in Rosemary Beach – yum, absolutely yum – that’s all I have to say!

And for the more adventurous types, there’s nothing wrong with putting on a rain jacket and enjoying the beach anyway.   Nature is mysterious and beautiful with or without the sunshine.


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