Seaside, FL on 30A! Always been here but new found love!

Seaside Post OfficeLong long time since an entry has been made to, lots of changes for The Destin Photographer, and one major move was one  back to the emerald green waters of the gulf coast.  Since I have been back I’ve  spent many hours in a spot on 30A I’ve been to countless numbers of times but never really paid attention to the details, the quaintness the charm the uniqueness of Seaside, FL.  The town is so adored by so many.  Founded in 1981 Seaside started to take shape from an idea that’s inception was in 1946.  Story goes according to Wikipedia and a number of books about the town that Robert Davis inherited a parcel of land from his grandfather  and began plans to make the spectacular place that Seaside has become.   The homes are amazing, the Chapel is quaint, Modica Market is extraordinarily unique and the post office is the smallest one I have ever seen.  People are always  so nice and folks just seem happy!  Seaside has become a vacation destination for so many families all over the country and around the world.  Seaside brings families together… to enjoy our waters, catch up on life stories, enjoy the great food and southern hospitality we are known for.   So whether you are planning to come see us for the first time or you have been visiting us for years, Seaside is waiting with open arms.  Of course no visit to our beach towns would be complete without making  some memories for your families to cherish for years to come with me TheDestinPhotographer Joe Mayer and Perceptions By Mayer Photography.    541-410-3789 or  Come see us!!Liberto FB (4 of 11)

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